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Buy and get a gift

When you buy two cans (5 liters) of means for washing and disinfecting the surfaces of DDM Eco, you will receive in your gift a unique means for removing stains from Anios DTS.
 DDM Eco is a means of production of a well-known company ANIOS (France). It is a complete analogue of the means of Socren, which was discontinued. 
 Used by:

  • - for cleaning and preventive disinfection in
  • - medicine, food industry and nutrition centers, in transport, pharmacies, health centers, kindergartens and schools, gyms, hairdressing and beauty salons, and so on;
  • - to destroy and prevent the occurrence of mold;
  • - for the current and final disinfection in health care facilities, in the foci of infectious diseases of bacterial (except tuberculosis) and fungal etiology;
  • - at home.

 Anios DTS is a tool for removing stains from various surfaces and fabrics.

Anios DTS removes such complex stains as:

  • - from ink, felt-tip pen, marker, pencil, ballpoint pen, paint;
  • - lipstick;
  • - stains from blood, food (wine, coffee, tea, etc.) and others;
  • - persistent pollution on laboratory tables and other surfaces;
  • - pollution on collars of shirts, cuffs, textiles before washing in washing machines.

 Also this tool is used to clean glass and remove stains.
It can be applied to surfaces in contact with food.